Trending Events

Ogre Bazaar

This bazaar is open to the students of the freshmen class to come and gain information on campus organizations that they may join during their first year...

Hampton University Career Center Pre-Career Fair Employer Reception

Celebrating Hampton University's 150th Anniversary via a Pre-Career Fair Employer Reception

Orchestra Fall Concert

Department of Music/Orchestra Fall Concert

Deeper than the Surface

Led by JaMonie Moore "Deeper than the Surface" is an "open-letter discussion" event about the positive & negative effects one can face mentally,...

Majestic Tryouts Day 2

Students who want to join the majestic dance troupe will perform a choreography to the captains to secure a spot on the team.

QTX Presents: Survival of The Fittest

A field day with various activities and competitions amongst the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

Fourth  Annual Executive Leadership Summit Workshop

Dr. William R. Harvey's Annual "On the Road to the Presidency" Executive Leadership Summit Leadership Workshop.