Wednesday, August 22

2018-2019 Student Decal Issuance

Issue & update student parking decals for the 2018 fall semester

Group Session: Library and ATM Orientation

Library and ATM Orientation for incoming freshman. Mr. Steven Richardson, ATM Mrs. Tina Rollins, Director, Harvey Library

Registration/Advisement for First Time Students Without a Schedule

Registration and advisement for first time freshman without a schedule will be held in the ballroom. Freshman Studies

"Healthy Relationships Forum"

Dr. Karen Williams, Medical Director, Health Center Dr. Kelly Harvey-Viney, Director, Center for Public Policy and Title IX Coordinator Ms. Valerie...

"Making It At HU, Straight Talk, Straight Up, Wanna Be Greek

Student leaders will conduct a showcase demonstrating how to make it at Hampton University through an illustration of different scenarios. Mr. Anzell...

Wednesday, August 22